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Brown Location Test
Franklin C. Brown, Ph.D., ABPP
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Research Information

Brown, F. C., Tuttle, E, Westerveld, M, Ferraro, F. R., Chmielovweic, T., Gibson-Beverly, G, Bemus, L, Roth, R. M., Blumenfeld, H., Spencer, D. D., Spencer, S.S. (2010) Visual Memory in Post-Anterior Right Temporal Lobectomy Patients and Adult Normative Data for the Brown Location Test (BLT). Epilepsy and Behavior 17,  215-220.
Brown, F. C., Roth, R. M., Saykin, A. J., & Gibson-Beverly, G. (2007). A New Measure of Visual Location Learning and Memory: Development and Psychometric Properties for the Brown Location Test (BLT). The Clinical Neuropsychologist 21(5), 811 - 825

Brown, F. C., Katz, L. J., Roth, R. M. (2010). Adults with AD/HD demonstrate an isolated impairment in rotated memory for location on the Brown Location Test. Poster Session Presented at the National Academy of Neuropsychology 30th Annual Conference. October 13-16, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Brown, F. C., Westerveld, M., Tuttle, E., Vandemore, M., Chmielowiec (2008). Brown Location Test (BLT) and WMS-III Performance Following Anterior Temporal Lobectomy for Medically Intractable Epilepsy. Poster Session Presented at the Thirty-Sixth Annual International Neuropsychological Society Conference, February 6 – 9, Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA
Brown, F. C. Tuttle, E, Roth, R. M., & Ferraro, F. R. (2007, June). Multiple factor-analytic support and adult normative data for the Brown Location Test. Poster Session Presented at 2007 American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology Workshops and Annual Meeting.
Brown, F. C., Tuttle, E., Roy, M. (2006, May) The Relationship of Sleep, Caffeine Use, and Material Specific Memory Performance. Poster session presented at the 18th annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, New York, NY.
Brown, F. C., Fellows, M., Foster-Bey, J., Roth, R. M. (2005, August) Factor-Analytic Support for the Discriminative Validity of the Brown Location Test: A Preliminary Analysis. Poster session presented at the 113th annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.

Brown, F. C., Gibson-Beverly, G., Roth, R. M., Buboltz, Jr. W. C., & Saykin, A. J. (2004, February). A new measure of visual location learning and memory: preliminary psychometric properties and normative data for the Brown Location Test (BLT). Poster presented at the 32nd annual meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society, Baltimore, MD.